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Meditators who join the retreat must possess basic, sound, physical health as the meditation practice is quite strenuous and health care in Kamphyu is very poor. Likewise, meditation practice is not suitable for those who are not mentally stable.

The center has three medicine cabinets located inside the Dhamma Halls. These medicines are donated by generous yogis and donors and composed mainly of very basic medicine to treat minor health problems such as colds, coughs, etc. If the medicine you need is not available in the cabinets, the volunteers can buy it from a pharmacy in Mandalay within 1-2 days. A number of imported medicines can also be found in Mandalay. In case of serious illness and if a doctor is needed, the best and nearest hospital is in Mandalay.

Please make sure you bring enough of your prescription medicine that you may need during the retreat to remain in good health.

If you wish, you may donate medical supplies to the center's medicine cabinets. Below are some of the suggested items.

  • Antibiotics

    • Stomach cramps, diarrhea, urinary infection, etc.

    • Bronchial infections, congestion, prolonged coughing, etc.

    • Several types of infections including dental problems, skin infections, etc.

  • Dehydration packets for diarrhea

  • Medication

    • For allergic reaction

    • For constipation, diarrhea, gas

    • To reduce inflammation, fever, aches, and pain

    • For cold, flu, congestion

    • To reduce dryness/ lubricate nose, eyes, skin

  • Supplies for cuts and scrapes

    • Antibacterial hand wash and Ointment

    • Band-aids, gauze, and tape

  • General Medical Supplies

    • Thermometer

    • Ace bandage, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow slip-on

  • Cough drops, throat lozenges

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