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Kyunpin Monastery and Meditation Center is a small meditation center located on the beautiful banks of the Irrawaddy River in Sagaing Region, Myanmar. This monastery is more than a hundred years old, but the meditation center was fully established in March 2008 by the Venerable Guiding Teacher Kyunpin Sayādaw (U Jaṭila), a former meditation teacher at Paṇḍitārāmā, one of the most famous insight meditation centers which follows the great lineage of the late Venerable Mahāsī Sayādaw of Myanmar.


The Mahāsī method involves mindfulness of body, sensations, mind, and general objects such as seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling. The primary objects of meditation are the rise and fall of the abdomen in sitting meditation and the movement of the feet in walking meditation.

Kyunpin Meditation Center offers a supportive, comfortable and peaceful setting for both local and foreign yogis seeking intensive Vipassanā (Satipaṭṭhāna) meditation practice. The center opens for an ongoing retreat year-round. Meditators may schedule their individual retreat from a few days up to several months starting at any time of the year. The daily schedule consists of sitting meditation and formal walking meditation throughout the day.


If Sayādaw stays at the center, he gives personal interviews to all yogis during the retreat either in English or Burmese language.  Interviews and Dhamma talks are arranged regularly and announced in advance. Meditators observe Noble Silence and laymen meditators keep the eight precepts.


Food, accommodation, and basic needs are entirely supported through the principle of generosity by donations from our Dhamma friends. There are no set fees. Any monetary donation is truly appreciated as it helps maintain and further develop the center so that the center can continue to provide generous service to the present and future meditators.


In addition, the teacher and volunteers generously work to maintain conditions conducive to meditation. All these efforts are made with the intention that the yogis be free to practice and gain the benefits as much as possible. For the yogis, there is but one responsibility, that is, to maintain continuity of mindfulness throughout the waking hours.

If you plan a retreat at the center please read carefully the guidelines for meditators, fill in the Kyunpin application form and send it to the center via e-mail to schedule your arrival and duration of stay.

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