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International traveling from abroad to Myanmar  


To get to Kyunpin Meditation Center, you need to come to Mandalay city, which can be reached by plane or bus. You might have to fly to Yangon before connecting the flight to Mandalay.

Traveling from Yangon to Mandalay

Option 1: By Plane

There are a few airlines which fly between Yangon and Mandalay. The flight takes around 1-1.30 hour depending on whether it makes a stop on the way or not.

Option 2: By Bus

From Yangon to Mandalay, it takes approximately 9 hours by bus. The bus leaves the Yangon Mingaladon Bus Station around 6 - 9 PM. You will spend the night in the bus and reach Mandalay around 5 - 6 AM. The basic kind of bus costs approx. $11 per person and has no toilet. However, the bus makes a rest-stop every couple of hours.  The more luxurious kind of bus with a toilet inside and bigger seats costs approx. $65-70.

Traveling from Mandalay to Kyunpin Meditation Center

Once you arrive in Mandalay, you can either take a car, a motorbike taxi or a boat to Kyunpin Meditation Center. Here are the options for transportation.

Option 1: Taking A Passenger Boat

At Ma Yan Chan Boatport, there is a 7-am boat from Mandalay to Kamphyu Village. It only costs 1,000 kyat/passenger, but it takes about 6 hours or more if the water level is very low. You will have to prepare food and drinks with you. Some have a toilet, some have none. However, it is not easy to find the right boat. You will need a taxi to pick you up and help you get to the boat before 7 am, and make sure you arrive early enough to catch the boat because sometimes it leaves before 7 am. If you miss the 7-am boat, you will have to wait another day. Or there may be a 9-am boat available, but it will stop on the other side of the river (Hnin Ta Ma Village), and you will have to hire a small boat at 5,000 kyats to cross over to Kamphyu Village. If you would like us to send our boat to pick you up, please let us know. Our 20-passenger boat costs 60USD (60,000 kyats) and the 5-passenger boat costs $35 (35,000 kyats).

Option 2: Motorcycle Taxi

A motorbike taxi takes about 3.5 hours and costs about 20,000 kyats, but it is quite bumpy, and the luggage must be a compact backpack. It may be okay for an easy-going young foreigner, but too tiring for an adult or for someone with health problems.

Option 3: Taking A Taxi

A taxi will takes 2.5 hours and costs 40,000-60,000 kyats depending on the driver. However, not many taxi drivers know the way to our center, so please make sure the driver really knows the way to Kamphyu Village, where our center is located, or call us for directions before leaving Mandalay.


If you would like us to send our car to pick you up somewhere in Mandalay, please let us know. Our 7-seat van cost 50USD (50,000 kyats) and 1-seat light truck $45 (45,000 kyats).

You could ask the center to send their 7-seat van or light truck to pick you up

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