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During the intensive retreat, meditators should cut all contact to the outside world. For meditators, using internet and phone calls are limited to emergency only. Therefore, all meditators must deposit their SIM cards at the office on registration. If necessary, you can contact the office to use phone and internet.

If you wish to contact a meditator, please send us an email with the meditator's name on the subject. The center volunteer checks email from time to time. As a result, delays can be expected in responses via email.

on Google Contact Form webpage

Office: Tel/Viber/Zalo: +95-97-98730175, 
Tan (Mr) : Tel/Zalo/Viber:  +959440353589
LINE: 95-9441026653 (KMC),


If you are calling the center, please be patient, as it may take several attempts to get through. The center allows the use of its telephone for important or emergency calls ONLY.

If you wish to contact a meditator, you will need to make an appointment with the Center for the meditator to call you back at an appointed time. Please note that calling abroad from Myanmar is expensive, approximately US$2 per minute.

Address: Kyunpin Meditation Center, Kamphyu Village,

Wetlet Township, Sagaing Region, Myanmar

It is not convenient to post a letter or a package to the center, if it is necessary, please contact the center first. (tiếng Việt)

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