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March - May
26C - 33C
June - October
25C - 29C
November - February
10C - 19C

Myanmar experiences a mainly tropical climate, which can basically be divided into three seasons, hot season, rainy season and cool season. The weather in Sagaing can be quite hot in the hot season and quite cold in the cool season. There are also strong fluctuations in the amount of wind during the day. The wind can sometimes become very strong.

Hot Season - rainfall is low, however, humidity can be quite high as the center is located next to the Irrawaddy River.  During this time, it is common for temperatures to soar above the average. The heat sometimes becomes oppressive.

Rainy Season - monsoon rains begin towards the end of May. Rain can be torrential but usually falls in short bursts during the afternoon.

Best time to visit: During the Cool Season - temperatures remain relatively pleasant, when days are warm, evenings are cool and rainfall is low. The temperature is quite fluctuating. There are quite big differences in temperature between day and night. Temperatures can drop down below 10°C in the early morning.

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