The center provides meditators with two meals a day, following the Theravāda tradition, namely breakfast and lunch. Food is nutritious, balanced, clean and healthy. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. The menu is generally quite varied.

Yogis line up for breakfast at 6 AM. Noodles, bread, fruits, and tea are generally served for breakfast. At 10.30 AM, yogis line up for lunch. The main staple for lunch is rice accompanied by a variety of Burmese dishes prepared from beans, vegetables and meat. A bowl of soup, fruits and dessert are also served at lunch. Meditators with special nutrition needs are advised to supplement their meals by bringing their own food supplements along.

At 4 PM, evening juice is served at the Dhamma hall.

Drinking water provided by the center is purified water. In the dining hall and meditation hall, hot drinking water is also provided.