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“The gift of Dhamma is indeed the most noble gift”.

Food, accommodations, and basic needs are entirely supported through the principle of generosity, donations from our Dharma friends. We offer food and accommodations to all meditators without any charge.. Monetary donation helps maintain and further develop the center so that the center can continue to spread the Buddha’s teaching and help prolong the sasana. 

In order to carry on the retreats in the future, we need main sponsors from Myanmar and abroad. If you would like to be the main sponsor for any retreat, we will be most appreciative.


You can donate for:  

- Daily food and utilities

- Permanent Food Fund 

- Permanent Medical Fund

- Water and electricity system maintenance 

- Construction and building maintenance 

- Volunteers'tip

- Meditation Scholarship

- Kathina Offerings 



If you wish to donate, please contact the center or your local representatives to discuss about your donation.


Account: 0916128668, 
Bank: Sacombank, Hồ Chí Minh city
Account name: Lê Thu Hằng, 
Home address:  22 lý chính thắng, phường võ thị sáu, quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh city
Tel (within Vietnam): 0762631840
Tel (from outside of Vietnam): (+84)76 2631840
Viber: 0762631840
Zalo: 0916128668
Email :


Office +959798730175


Mrs. Jamsai Suwansaksri


Line ID: jsfaiin


Ven. Dhamma Rakkhita ( Ven. Quyền )
Điện thoại/viber: +18327547233
Email :


Mr. Hann Chin Leu

+886229497819, +886910902507

Line ID: hannleu

Any amount of your donation is truly appreciated.

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