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For Intensive Vipassanā Meditation: Lay meditators must carefully observe the Eight Precepts.

  • Consuming alcohol and drugs, smoking, and chewing of betel are not allowed.

  • Monks are expected to strictly observe their monastic code of discipline.


Meditators observe Noble Silence.

  • Talking is a great hindrance to progress in mindfulness meditation.

  • Meditators should stay alone and refrain from unnecessary speech.

  • Please keep reading and writing to an absolute minimum.

  • Socializing is strongly discouraged.

  • All unfinished personal, family and business matters should be taken care of prior to the intensive meditation retreat so that they do not interfere with one's meditation.

  • Communication with the outside world through telephone and e-mail should be kept to an absolute minimum.


Meditators should practice with the following qualities :

  • Sustained, continuous, moment-to-moment mindfulness from the time of waking up in the morning to that of falling asleep at night

  • Respect and sincerity

  • Diligence

  • Honesty and straightforwardness

  • Heroic effort

  • Perseverance

  • Patience


  • Meditators are expected to do 12 - 14 hours of formal practice a day.

  • Sleep should be limited to between four to six hours per day.

  • Meditators are advised to perform all activities in slow motion.

  • During the meditation retreat please stay within the monastic compound.


Meditators must strictly adhere to the instructions of the meditation teacher.

  • Do not practice other meditation methods while at this center.

  • Interviews and Dhamma talks are arranged regularly and announced in advance.


Sound physical and mental health is a basic requirement for intensive meditation practice.


In order to maintain the quality at the center we accept only meditators with serious commitment. New meditators will be on probation for seven days. Meditators who do not follow the guidelines at the center and who do not meditate seriously will be asked to leave.


For smooth meditation progress, all monks and novices are requested to cut worries and purify their morality by relinquishing their money and priced possessions at the office on registration. In case any suitable requisite is needed, they can make a request to our office staff.

Please download and read our full guideline, rules and regulation

in the KMC Meditator Handbook before applying for a retreat

at Kyunpin Meditation Center. 

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