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In the center, male and female rooms (kuti) are separated into 2 different areas. The female kutis are located on the ground level, while the male kutis are further up on the hill. During the non-peak season, each person will be assigned an individual kuti. Some kuti have the bathrooms inside and some don't and yogis need to use the shared bathroom. 

The center uses water from a deep well, and as a result, water is clean all year round.

Inside each kuti, the center provides a mattress, bedsheets, pillow, pillowcase, blanket and mosquito netting. In the cold season, you may bring a warm sleeping bag in case the blanket is not warm enough.

There are two meditation halls. The female dhamma hall is located at the ground level, while the male dhamma hall is located on the hill.  The meditation halls are furnished with plenty of cushions and mosquito nets if needed. Please bring your own bench if you are in the habit of using one. At the Dhamma hall, both drinking water and hot drinking water is provided in thermos bottles (flasks).

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