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& staff

ngai kyunpin u Jatila from co Tue Lien.jpg

Aabbot: Kyunpin Sayādaw (U Jaṭila)

Vice abbot: Sayadaw U Vijjodaya

Sư quản lý thiền đường nam Sayadaw U Kesara

Supervisor of the male hall: Sayadaw U Kesara

Assistant to sayadaw: Sayalay Suvaṇṇasāmī (Sayalay Ing from Thailand). You will see her frequently.

Office assistant and Chinese interpreter ñānakesī (Candy Lim, from Taiwan)

Long-time management and volunteers

Thin as she looks, she could carry uphill a tank full of juice for monks to drink in the afternoon

When the monks go for alms food, the little monk leads and hits the bell to inform donors

Office and dining hall volunteers

Old or young, the volunteers are always willing to help

These young volunteers sometimes become yogi

Oh, and the little volunteers

nau bep 2016 kmcfb.jpg

Little volunteers

As the monks go for alms food, the little monk follows to help with carrying food

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